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Fictitious Business Name
Fictitious Business Name
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Without an Fictitious Business Name, your business has to use its legal name which is the owner's last name.  
State law even requires you to operate your business under a filed   Fictitious Business Name even if a variation of your legal business name is used, and even if used for a short  time.

A  Fictitious Business Name is the same as a trade name.  It is the name of the business when officially registered with the government.
For example, you do business as  a sole proprietor using the business name  "Best Widgets Company".   
The business name is called an   Fictitious Business Name, or  fictitious firm name (as in Nevada).  

In other states, it goes by a fictitious business name, as in California, and assumed business name in Texas or Business Name Certificate in New York etc.  
It is also known as Doing Business As ( DBA ) because a business is doing business as a certain name as in the example above.
The point is that it has to be registered with a DBA certificate and in some cases also be published in a legal newspaper and a proof of publication obtained.

You can obtain it here online.

In some cases, it can be obtained on the same day but normally it takes about 3-5 business days or if expedited can be done same day.  You will have the opportunity to choose expedited service when you check out.

Businesses using a name other than the owner's name are required to register a DBA /   Fictitious Business Name Certificate. Note that you can incorporate or form an LLC instead of filing a DBA. If you are an LLC or Corporation you don't need a dba.

We search  Legal Databases.   If you use a   Fictitious business name that another business is already using, you may be sued for damages as well as for a judgment to be enjoined from using the business name.

Partnerships need a fictitious business  name and should Have a Partnership Operating Agreement to avoid costly disputes - If you obtain an LLC from our company, we provide the LLC operating agreement for free. If you have an LLC and need an operating agreement.

In some cases, it can be obtained on the same day but normally it takes about 3-5 business days or if expedited can be done same day.  You will have the opportunity to choose expedited service when you check out. 1-5 Business Days
Do I Need a Free Business License ? You Need a Free Business License If:

YES! All businesses must obtain a business license. You also need these licenses below as they apply to your business.
1. You are a partnership, an employer, an LLC, a Corporation or Independent Contractor, you will need a federal tax ID Number IRS EIN.

2. If you buy or sell wholesale, or retail or even if you lease personal property such as equipment or appliances or any type of items or merchandise, you will need a Sales Tax License.
3. If you are an employer, you will need both a federal Business Tax ID and a state employer Tax ID.
4. In addition, businesses that use a trade name to do business, need to file a DBA doing business as fictitious business name certificate.
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